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Basil essential oil is a type of essential oil commonly used in aromatherapy. Sourced from the Ocimum basilicum plant, basil essential oil is said to offer a variety of health benefits.

Basil essential oil contains a number of compounds thought to enhance health. These compounds include linalool, a substance also found in lavender that's been shown to reduce stress in several scientific studies.


  • Hellp to keep the skin looking clean, clear, and healthy.
  • Aromatic use helps create a clam, relaxed environment.
  • Reduce pain improve sleep.
  • Promotes relaxation.
  • Purify air naturally.


Steam-distilled basil ocimum basilicum 100% pure oil

For Skin: warm your carrier oil, add a few drops of the essential oil to it and indulge in a relaxing massage.

For Face:Make dilute apple affected area, add face pack and moisturizer.

For Aromatherapy:Use a few drops in a diffuser burner for aromatic use.

How to use:

Skin: Mix 2-3 drops in 5ml carrier oil & apply on the skin.

Hair: Mix 5-6 drops in 5ml carrier oil and massage the scalp gently.

Aroma Therapy: Add 5-6 drops in a diffuser or simply add few drops on cotton balls and keep it in the room.

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